Today it’s all about staging. And while that may seem to be a bit over the top or border on the grounds as to “is this really necessary”, staging your home will highlight and bring to focus the necessary amenities that are important to potential Buyers. Living in our houses day in and day out, we tend not to notice the attributes that a buyer will notice.Good or bad, as a Seller, we don’t want potential Buyers to focus their attention on anything that may need sprucing up. Buyers see what is in front of them and while some buyers may have the vision to see past things that may be a negative, in the end, they are not going to pay top dollar for something that they know that they are going to have to update or remodel. While you may not have the money or the resources to do a kitchen or bath remodel, there are some easier fixes that can have a significant impact and do a lot to help your bottom line.

How we live in a home and preparing your home for sale are two different things. So, first and foremost we want to get rid of the “unnecessary things” to eliminate clutter. The more things that you have on counters and shelves will actually make your home look smaller.And when a home “looks smaller”, Buyers starts looking for the necessary space that they feel that they will need to consider your house as a possible choice to be their next home.Perception is reality. If a Buyer doesn’t feel that there is enough storage space, then the Buyer will eliminate your home as a possible contender and move on to the next house. Pack away those items that you know you will not have any need to use while your house is on the market.After all, you are moving and it’s never too early to start packing.So, if you don’t have the space to store the items that are sitting on your counters, whether in the kitchen or the bathrooms, get rid of or pack away those items that you know you will not be needing.

If you have any plumbing issues like leaky faucets, now is the time to have them fixed.Buyers pay attention to flooring and they can be critical of its condition.Refinishing hardwood floors (if necessary) and replacing worn carpets eliminates those items that Buyers will object to. If you have rooms in your home that may need painting, fresh paint on the walls of your home can go a long way and add a lot to a home’s appearance and your bottom line. Pet and food odors can be a turn-off and need to be addressed, if necessary. Let the sun in!Make sure you open all window treatments. A bright home that offers a lot of natural sunlight is a definite plus. Along with the floors of your home, windows also need to sparkle.

Curb appeal is also important, if not even more so.A lot of times, Buyers drive by NEW listings.You never want Buyers to drive by and quickly eliminate your home before they even had a chance to see the inside.The condition of the outside will determine whether a Buyer will want to take the next step and see the inside.You never want a Buyer to eliminate your home from competition based on the things that you can change and it’s the outside of your house is the first thing that a Buyer sees. First impressions will go a long way.

If a Buyer feels that they need 4 bedrooms and you have only 3, that Buyer may still look at your home. They may end up eliminating your home as a possible choice if a comparable 4-bedroom home came on the market that met all their criteria.Obviously, that is something that you have no control over.However, a Buyer looking for a 4-bedroom home may consider AND buy a 3-bedroom home if the 3-bedroom home shows better than a preferred 4-bedroom home. We can sometimes easily change the way our home looks without changing the footprint.Adding a 4th bedroom is something that, as a Seller, we really can’t control.But, we can control and change the appearance which could, in turn, make all the difference in the world.

In the end, appearance matters. It matters a lot and it will be a huge benefit to your bottom line.