Thank you for Selling our Cedarburg Home…

While we await the final details in the sale of our home, we were talking about how pleasant this sale process has been and how pleased we are with all you’ve done for us and with us.

Bill, your personality and your style are just perfect. You were always there for us, but not all too pushy. You never tried to sway us one way or another; instead you gently showed us options and gave us choices. Your style empowered us as Sellers and made us feel that we were vital in the decision making process. You also took the time to get to know us and you adapted to the best way to work with us. We have also never seen anyone as organized as you are!

Thanks for all you’ve done for us, so far. We will be spreading your name around to all of our friends and acquaintances as someone who is a professional, ethical, a hard worker, and very pleasant to deal with.